About Kollaborativet

Kollaborativet is an interdisciplinary performing arts group working with dance, performance and drama.

Kollaborativet is a non-hierarchical group that is happy to collaborate with other artists and organisations.

Kollaborativet works in a post-dramatic tradition where dramatic expression is disconnected from a linear narrative and where each element of performing arts holds equal value.

Kollaborativet is keen to explore people’s relationships to space, objects, each other and themselves.

Kollaborativet is also interested in gender, power and democracy.

Kollaborativet invite commissions, has a site-specific approach and are happy to take on teaching commissions.

Get in touch

Ellen Spens, Project Manager for I AM TIME I AM SPACE:

kontakt@kollaborativet.se or +46 (0)700-154049

Jonna Wakeham Ölund, Producer

jonna.kollaborativet@gmail.com or +46 (0)700-064361

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